Top 8 Cloud Database Leaders in 2021

In the never-ending data landscape it’s important to keep up with the leaders in the database space. If a database company isn’t already utilizing the cloud, it’s lagging behind. According to the most recent report published by Magic Quadrant for cloud database management systems, we can see AWS as a distinct cloud leader. Not too far behind them is Microsoft followed closely by Google. While Oracle was a database leader for years, they were drastically behind in the cloud space and have since climbed to the #4 spot.

Top Cloud Databases in 2021 by Quadrant
top cloud databases in 2021
Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems
Top Cloud Databases in 2021 by Rank
  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Microsoft
  3. Google
  4. Oracle
  5. IBM
  6. SAP
  7. Teradata
  8. Alibaba Cloud

An honorable mention has to go to Snowflake as I believe we’ll see this approach the leaders in the next few years. Snowflake relies on Amazon, Microsoft, and Google cloud platforms to host its database which is a likely reason it doesn’t currently rank higher.

It’s becoming more important than ever to understand cloud databases and become certified. These cloud database system providers offer different tiers of certification. As an example, AWS offers several specialties based on interests and skill-sets. AWS also allows you to schedule and prep for their exam directly through their website.

AWS certifications in 2021

Other cloud database providers have similar offerings. Certifications aren’t a replacement for hands-on learning though. As you study for an exam, it’s really important to do practical examples. We’ll never be able predict the issues that will come up in real life projects so it’s best not to.

Final Thoughts

It’s unlikely we’ll see the top spots replaced in these next few years even as the data landscape changes. As far as predictions go, I’d bet that Snowflake may accompany them in the near future. It’s a safe bet to put time and effort toward building and learning these top databases and systems. Gartner themselves wrote about the future of the database market in the cloud a few years back. The barrier of entry for many companies was always a matter of security. As long as these leaders can continue to keep the consumer’s confidence, they will continue to grow.

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