As a technology consultant for over a decade, I’ve seen many challenging problems. Sometimes those problems are really hard to find in a simple format in the depths of the internet. So here we are – trying to fill in the gaps and offer a different point of view based on real world experience.

Just to note – all examples provided on this website have been tested against a valid database to ensure execution and data validity. If you believe a mistake has been made please reach out so that it can be rectified.

Working With The Best And Brightest

I truly feel that I’ve been very fortunate in my career working with some of the best and brightest out there. Some have been teachers, others authors and they’re all super talented. I’m sure to meet and be inspired by many more in the years to come.

How Did I build This Site?

This site was created using Amazon Lightsail in an AWS EC2 instance and is hosted in my personal AWS hosted account. Within a few hours, I had a secure running shell of a website screaming to be filled with content. This is the power of the cloud!

A Quick History

There was a time when a friend of mine interviewed for a company and was asked about SQL and how well he knew the language. He responded back saying that he had some general experience. The interviewer then responded back saying, “I think in SQL”.

The interviewer might have been a bit extreme, but they made a good point to how valuable SQL is as a skill in today’s technology landscape. It’s the fundamental database language across the board and is commonly used in anything data related.

Everyone from accountants to management consultants to app developers and beyond have likely had exposure to SQL databases. It almost becomes inevitable if you’re in the business of working with computers on a daily basis.